Corte Madera is tucked away in the green Marin countryside. The Town extends from San Francisco Bay on the east to Mt. Tamalpais on the west. This small vital town of nearly 9,425 residents, located 12 miles north of San Francisco. It is within hiking, biking and driving distance of some of the most beautiful vistas in the western United States.


Corte Madera, located in Marin County, California, offers a lifestyle that strikes a balance between suburban tranquility and convenient urban access. Nestled along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, the town provides scenic views and a mild climate. Residents often enjoy outdoor activities, taking advantage of parks like Corte Madera Town Park and the nearby Marinwood Plaza for shopping and dining.

The town's welcoming community is reflected in family-friendly neighborhoods and community events. The Village at Corte Madera, a prominent shopping destination, adds a touch of sophistication with upscale retail and dining options. The central location of Corte Madera provides easy access to neighboring towns, making it a convenient base for those who work in the broader Bay Area.

Corte Madera's commitment to education is evident in its schools, contributing to the appeal for families seeking a well-rounded lifestyle. The blend of natural beauty, community engagement, and proximity to both outdoor recreation and urban amenities makes Corte Madera a desirable place for those looking to embrace the diverse offerings of Marin County.